Accelerating innovation
for data analysis

We work on incorporating AI-driven technologies in ATLAS.ti to empower your research and make it more efficient. Let ATLAS.ti do your work and save valuable time with several automatic research tools.

A space where AI can create real progress

The ATLAS.ti AI Lab is designed to provide a space for researchers, data analysts, and machine-learning experts to explore new ways of analyzing qualitative data. Our goal is to ultimately drive innovation and facilitate the use of AI in a way that works with the user’s needs in mind.

Speeding up your analysis and research

With an ever-growing volume of data to analyze, speed is a critical way to make your research more efficient. That’s why we are constantly developing new tools based on natural language processing (NLP), helping you speed up your analysis – no matter your research question, no matter what methodology you chose.

Enabling you to gain better data insights

Cutting-edge innovations developed by ATLAS.ti AI Lab reflect directly in our software and enable you to identify relevant connections in no time. Gain deeper insights into your qualitative data and leverage advanced analysis tools to evaluate the attitude behind statements and unveil specific concepts or aspects automatically.

AI-driven tools and features that power your analysis

Understand emotions with Sentiment Analysis
Advanced natural language processing helps you determine the sentiment in your data with high accuracy. Maintain full control of the results and adjust your findings anytime.
Find connections with Concept Search
Simply run a concept search to find the most mentioned nouns in a document as well as associated words. Identify what kind of segments you coded and if there is a pattern.
Make visible what matters with Word Cloud
Instantly analyse important words and filter out the clutter. Use word types, base forms, thresholds and stop lists to create beautiful word clouds that focus on what matters most.
Benefit from better results with Smart Search
Instead of searching for every single word, you can directly search for synonyms and all their inflected forms or leverage regular expressions to tailor your search precisely to your needs.
Utilize Opinion Mining for deeper insights
Take sentiment analysis to the next level and explore the most important aspects in your data. Opinion Mining helps you understand where your analysis should develop next - blazingly fast.
Get a fast overview with Named Entity Recognition
Natural language processing finds words that are probably a named entity, i.e. a named place, a person, or an organization – without the need to manually search and code them individually.

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