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I have especially enjoyed using ATLAS.ti because of its function of allowing me to seamlessly collaborate with my coding team, importing audio files and pairing them with their written transcripts while coding (I love that!) and the overall flexibility with using codes, memos and handling documents.
Dr. Kwabena Kusi-Mensah
FWACP (Psych), MSc.CAMH (Ib.), PhD Candidate in Psychiatry, University of Cambridge

Get more from your data with qualitative analysis



Develop a profound understanding of your interviewee’s attitudes, behaviors, and emotions.



Find out why people give particular answers and refine your survey’s analysis.


Focus Groups

Determine and comprehend a group’s perspectives and attitudes.


Literature Review

Analyze books, articles, and other publications in order to discover qualitative insights.


Field Notes

Extract qualitative findings based on observations like actions or processes.


Digital Content

Unveil valuable insights in images, audio, video, social media data, and more.

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